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April Regular Board Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2011


April 11, 2011
The Estherville Lincoln Central Board of Education held its regular meeting on Monday, April 11, 2011 at 5:15 P.M. in Room N-208, at the RooseveltElementaryBuilding. Board members present were:  Mike Karels, Vice President;  Molly Anderson, Duane Schnell,  Michelle McCoy, President Jodie Greig, Nancy Anderson and Don Schiltz.  Others present were Dick Magnuson, Superintendent; Kate Woods, Board Secretary/Treasurer, Frank Christenson, High School Principal;   Mike Peterson, Middle School Principal;  Kris Schlievert; Elementary Principal, Bob Grems, RWC Director/Dropout Prevention Coordinator; Mike Tidemann, Ed Funston, Jeremy Zeigler, Rhonda Russell, Tara Laabs, Denise Christensen, Laura Giebler, Lili Jensen, Carol Solberg, Anna Fiene, Karla Lester, Jason Kollasch, Anne Peters
5:10 p.m. PUBLIC HEARING – 2011-12  BUDGET
CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL                                                  President Jodie Greig called the public hearing             
                                                                                                to order at 5:10 p.m.  Board members present were
                                                                                                M. Anderson, Karels, Schnell, McCoy, Schiltz,
                                                                                                N. Anderson
FY 2011-12  BUDGET                                                        Motion by M. Anderson, second by Karels to approve the 2011-12
                                                                                                budget as proposed and published.
                                                                                                Motion carried 7-0.
ADJOURNMENT                                                                Motion by N. Anderson, second by McCoy to adjourn the public hearing for the FY 2011-12 school year at 5:12 p.m.
                                                                                                Motion carried 7-0.
CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL                                     President Greig called the regular meeting to order at 5:15 p.m.  Board members present were M. Anderson, Karels, Schnell, McCoy, Schiltz, N. Anderson.
AGENDA APPROVAL                                                     
Motion by Schnell, second by M. Anderson to approve the agenda
with the correction of Jenica Arends as a Leave of Absence request, not a resignation and an additional resignation – Craig Fandel, JV Baseball Coach.                                                                                  
Motion carried 7-0.
RECOGNITION OF VISITORS                                       President Greig welcomed all those in attendance and had visitors introduce themselves.
PUBLIC INPUT                                                                   There was none.
CONSENT AGENDA                                                          Motion by Karels, second by M. Anderson to approve the consent
                                                                                                Agenda as presented.
                                                                                                Motion carried 7-0.
                                                                                                Items approved under the consent agenda are as follows:
                                                                                                Minutes from March 14, March 30, and March 31, 2011.
Bills as presented.
1.  Alyssa Payton, Elem SPED Teacher Associate, $8.00/hr.
1.        Mike Peterson – Middle School Principal
2.        Molly Peterson – Elementary Music Teacher
3.        Sandy Fandel – Drill Team Coach
4.        Austin Skrepak – Elementary Teacher Associate
5.        Josh Schaben – 5th Grade Teache
6.        Alyssa Schaben – 3rd Grade Teacher
7.        Craig Fandel – JV Baseball Coach
Leave of Absence
1.        Jenica Arends
HIGHLIGHTS                                                                       Tara Laabs, Anne Peters, Lindsey Devore, Jeremy Zeigler, Anna Fiene, Denise
                                                                                                Christensen and Rhonda Russell shared with the board the collaboration between
                                                                                                the 1st grade and the Good Samaritan Center that has been going on since 1999. The
collaboration reinforces reading for the students and teaches the six pillars of respect.
FINANCES                                                                           Reports were informational. 
A. Administration                                                               The administrator’s reports were informational.
OTHER ACTION ITEMS                         
A.  Resolution –Waiver Board Policy 302.1                    Motion by M. Anderson, second by Schiltz to resolve to waive  the one year initial term in board policy 302.1 for the hiring of Tara Paul
                                                                                                Motion carried 7-0.
B. Superintendent Contract                                               Motion by McCoy, second by Schenll to approve the hiring
of Tara Paul as superintendent for a 3 year term effective 7-1-2011, 1st year salary of $121,000, 2nd year salary of $124,000, 3rd year salary of $127,000.
                                                                                                Motion carried 7-0.
C. NYC Band/Choir Trip                                                     Motion by Karels, second by M. Anderson to approve the NYC band trip  and approved the $5,000 deposit.
                                                                                                Motion carried 7-0.
D. Set Public Hearing FY 11 Budget Amend                  Motion by   N. Anderson, second by Schnell, to set the date for
                                                                                                a budget amendment hearing as May 9, 20115:10p.m.
                                                                                                Motion carried 7-0
E. Policies – 400 Series                                                       Motion by Schnell, second by Karels to approve the first reading of Series 400.
                                                                                                Motion carried 7-0.
F. Approve Custodial Contract                                        Motion by Schiltz, second by Schnell to approve the FY 12
                                                                                                custodial contract at 2.81%. 
                                                                                                Motion carried 7-0.
OTHER BUSINESS                                                           
                                                                                                Negotiations Update – Mediation with the ELC Education Association will be
                                                                                                Tuesday, 4-12-11 at 5:30pm.
                                                                                                Budget reduction plan – Superintendent Magnuson reviewed the list of possible
                                                                                                Reductions and asked the board to set a special meeting for April 18, 2011 at 5:15 to 
                                                                                       take action on the proposals.
                                                                                                Estherville Community Guide – Superintendent Magnuson shared a proposed copy
                                                                                                of a guide the chamber is putting together, ELC schools will be included with a cost
                                                                                                of $500.
                                                                                                Middle school principal position, Superintendent Magnuson asked the board to
                                                                                                give the administrators some direction as to how they want them to proceed in filling that position.  Board would like the administrators to start the process and would like
                                                                                                Superintendent Magnuson to call Tara Paul to see if she would like to be involved.
A.  Negotiations
B. Administrator Contracts
C. Middle School Principal Search Update
D. Support Staff Wags
E. Policy - 2nd Reading of 400 Series
F. Policy – 1st Reading of 900 Series
G. PPEL FY 12 Budget
H. Budget Reduction Approvals
President Greig announced that the board will meet as provided in Iowa Code 20.17(3) for a collective bargaining strategy session following adjournment.
Next regular meeting will be on May 9, 2011 at 5:15 p.m.              
ADJOURNMENT                                                                Motion by N. Anderson, second by M. Anderson, to adjourn the meeting at 6:55pm.
Motion carried 7-0.


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