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Annual & Organizational Board Meeting

November 25, 2019


                                                                                    November 25, 2019

                                                                      Annual & Organizational Meeting                                                                      

The Estherville Lincoln Central Board of Education held its Annual and Organizational Meeting on Monday, November 25, 2019 at 5:15pm in the High School Media Center.  Board members present were Kathy Cornwall – President, Dr. Cory Hoyer-Vice President, Duane Schnell and Sandy Fandel.  Newly elected board members present were Jeff Soper, Gordon Juhl and Tony Condon.    Others present were:  Tara Paul, Superintendent; Kate Woods, Board Secretary/Treasurer, Dave Swartz – EDN, Lili Jensen, Megan Miller, Robyn Swisher, Kyle Steffen, Connie Humble, Margaret Evans, Frank Christenson,  Brad Leonard, Jason Kollasch, Anne Peters, Sonja Gjerde, Jeff Herzberg, Shane Kalous, Michelle Hoyer, Kris Weisman, Mike Cornwall, Tony Nath, Laura Rosendahl, Michelle Frideres, Maddysen Wheatley, Rick Brant

Call to Order/Roll Call                                                       President Cornwall called the annual meeting to order at 5:15pm.  Board members present were Schnell, Fandel and Hoyer. Absent - Regelstad

Agenda Approval                                                                Motion by Fandel second by Schnell to approve the agenda, moving item # 6 highlights from the organizational meeting after the Public Input section in the annual meeting.  Motion carried 4-0.

Public Input                                                                          None

Highlights                                                                              Michelle Frideres introduced Nicole Craig, the new Ag teacher.

                                                                                                Jeff Herzberg from Prairie Lakes AEA introduced Pat Brown, an AEA board member from Graettinger District.  Mr. Herzberg addressed the board about the many services that the AEA provides to the school districts in its boundaries.

Consent Agenda                                                                  Motion by Hoyer, second by Schnell to approve the consent agenda as presented.                                                                Motion carried 4-0.   

Items approved under the consent agenda are as follows:

Minutes from the October 21, 2019 meeting.


Resignations – Eric Shave, Elem SPED Teacher,

Katie Friesner, MS Teacher Associate, Ms. Emily Breaman, Nutrition Aid

              Finance Reports                                        

Items for Action/Discussion                                             

Old Business

Board Policy Series 100                                                     Motion by Schnell, second by Fandel to

                                                                                                approve board policy series 100 as presented.

                                                                                                Motion carried 4-0.

Examine Financial Accounting Books for

FY 2019                                                                                Motion by Hoyer, second by Fandel to approve the FY 2019 financial accounting of books and Treasurer’s report.  Motion carried 4-0.


Abstract of Election                                                            Motion by Fandel, second by Schnell to approve the abstract of election for                                                                                               the November 5, 2019 election. Motion carried 4-0.

Adjournment of Retiring Board                                       Motion by Fandel, second by Hoyer to adjourn the annual meeting at 5:29pm.                                                                                            Motion carried 4-0.

Board Secretary, Kate Woods administered the oath of office to Tony Condon, Gordon Juhl and Jeff Soper.

Organizational Meeting of the Board                              Kate Woods, as president pro tem, called the meeting to order at 5:31pm.                                                                                                  Board Members present were Schnell, Soper, Fandel, Juhl and Condon.

Election of the President of the Board                            Motion by Juhl to nominate Tony Condon, seconded by Schnell.                                                                                                                Motion carried 5-0.


Board Secretary, Kate Woods administered the oath of office to Tony Condon.


Election of Vice- President                                                Motion by Juhl to nominate Jeff Soper, second by Schnell.

                                                                                                Motion carried 5-0.

Board Secretary, Kate Woods administered the oath of office to Jeff Soper.

New Business

Appointments                                                                      Motion by Schnell, second by Juhl to approve the following appointments:

RWC Committee – School Representatives: Paul, McCoy, Woods;         City Representatives – Dave Seylar, Bob Jensen, Penny Clayton; Community Representatives – Michelle  Hoyer, Mark Heywood, Scott Stokes                          

Negotiations – Duane Schnell, Tony Condon

 Emmet Co Conference Board – Sandy Fandel

  Motion carried 5-0.

 Board Meeting Dates, Time, Location                            Motion by Juhl second by Soper to approve the board meeting location as the                                                                                           High School Little Theatre for the December 16th meeting (possibly                                                                                                           permanent location) meeting time 5:15pm and the following dates:

December 16, 2019; January 20, 2020; February 10, 2020*;

March 16, 2020; April 20, 2020; May 18, 2020; June 15, 2020; July 20, 2020, August 17, 2020; September 21, 2020, October 19, 2020 and November 16, 2020.

Motion carried 5-0.


Reports/Information                                                           Administrator reports were informational.

Board Policy Series 200 Board of Directors                   1st Reading – No Action

Set Public Hearing Date for Land Transfer to City       Motion by Fandel second by Juhl to approve the following resolution:


WHEREAS, the Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District is the owner of real estate described as: 

That part of Lot 2, of the Plat of Fairgrounds subdivision, to the City of Estherville, Emmet County, Iowa, described as follows: 

Beginning at the Southeast corner of said Lot 2; thence North 89o54’05” West 190.06 feet along the Southerly line of said Lot 2; thence South 1o18’02” East 45.00 feet along the Southerly line of said Lot 2; thence North 89o56’37” West 374.33 feet to the Southwest corner of said Lot 2; thence North 1o07’32” West 288.59 feet; thence North 88o50’21” East 476.09 feet; thence North 1o06’32” West 144.51 feet to the South line of the North 240.00 feet of said Lot 2; thence North 88o50’21” East 88.14 feet to the Southeast corner of the North 240 feet of said Lot 2; thence South 1o06’32” East 400.24 feet to the point of beginning, containing 3.91 acres subject to easements of record. 

WHEREAS, said parcel of real estate is adjoining to the Regional Wellness Center, which is owned and operated by the Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District, and 

WHEREAS, the Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District proposes to sell the identified parcel of real estate to the City of Estherville, for the purposes of development and construction of a public pool and waterpark; and 

WHEREAS, the City of Estherville wishes to purchase the described parcel of real estate from the Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District for such purpose, under the terms and conditions as set forth below. 

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District as follows: 

1. The Board proposes to sell real estate identified above to the City of Estherville, an Iowa corporation (hereinafter “City”), on the following terms and conditions: 

(a) The District shall transfer the real estate to the City in exchange for the City’s payment of all costs and expenses related to transferring the real estate including legal expenses incurred by the District. 

(b) The District makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the condition of the property. 

(c) The District will deliver a Warranty Deed to the Buyer in exchange for the purchase price. 

(d) The District will deliver to the Buyer an Abstract of Title, updated through the date of this resolution showing marketable title in the District in conformity with Iowa Law and the Title Standards of the Iowa State Bar Association. The cost of 

updating or constructing any Abstract of Title for the above described real estate shall be the responsibility of the City. 

(e) Closing and possession shall be on or before January 15, 2020, subject to required approval by the District Board. 

2. The Board shall hold a public hearing on this proposal at 5:10 p.m. on December 16, 2019, in the High School Little Theatre, at 1520 Central Avenue, Estherville, Iowa, and notice of such public hearing shall be duly published in the Estherville Daily News in the form attached. Passed this 25th day of November 2019.

Board President_______________________

Attest: ________________________________




Adjournment – Motion by Soper, second by Schnell to adjourn the meeting at 6:01 pm.    Motion carried 5-0.  The next regular meeting will be December 16, 2019 at 5:15pm.


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