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PaySchools and Lunch Deposits - August 2017


Payschool and Lunch Money – CRITICAL INFORMATION!!!!

In the past, parents could go straight to payschools to make deposits for school lunch.  What this did is just dump everyone’s money into one big account where the school then had to go in to separate all the money and hand enter it into the appropriate accounts.  This was a time consuming process and could lend itself to money being accidently put into the wrong accounts.

NOW when you use payschools to deposit lunch money, it is tied to the JMC lunch program and your money is directly deposited into your family lunch account.  This is a great improvement to speed up the process and assure that your money gets into your account.  However, the process to do this is different and a little confusing at first. 



The first step to this is you must log into JMC Parent Online.  If you go to payschools first and click on Lunch Money, it will send you to the JMC Parent Online sign in website.

Once at the JMC Parent Online sign in screen, you need to have a parent online account and log in.  After you are logged in, you click on Lunch in the menu on the left hand side.  At the top of the screen you will see Make Online Deposit (Family Account).  This is in small letters and not very noticeable.  You click on that link and it will take you to PaySchools where you can then deposit money.  Stay logged into your JMC Parent Online until you are done with your Payschool deposit.  After completed at Payschools, you can log out of both Payschools and then JMC Parent Online.



If you do not have a JMC Parent Online Account, email or  Include in the email what you would like as your password which can be 8 to 12 characters long using letters and/or numbers.



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