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Now on the JMC Parent Online log in screen they have a "Forgot Your Password" link that parents can click on to have an email sent to them so they can reset their password.  So if you have forgotten your password or are not sure what it is, you can use this feature and not have to contact the school to find out your password. 

The JMC Parent Online is always adding new features for parents.  Click on the links below to watch a short video about the JMC Parent Online.  There are two videos that will help you fully use the features of this program.  There is a new one just for the parent alerts for missing or low scores for your students.

                                                 JMC Parent Online Introduction Video                                        JMC Parent Online Alerts


                    *****Notice When Using PaySchools for Lunch Deposit******


If you do NOT have a JMC Online Parent Account, simply send an email which contains your student(s) name and grade level.  Also include a password that you would like to use to access your account.  You can only have ONE password for all your children.  Please send emails to:


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