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2016-2017 School Board Members


Mrs. Kathy Miller Cornwall - President   email address:

Dr. Cory Hoyer - Vice President  email address:

Mrs. Jodie Greig - Director    email address:

Mrs. Melissa Regelstad - Director    email address:     

Mr. Duane Schnell - Director    email address:


  • The Board of Directors believes that quality instruction and curriculum are primary in generating the proper learning environment for our students.  Therefore, the Board is dedicated to  developing the professional skills of staff and the fusing of solid curriculum principles based upon proven research. 
  • The responsibilities for education fall to the Board of Education, the parents, the school community, the personnel the Board of Directors employ and finally the students themselves.  Thus, it becomes imperative that the community is involved, supportive and committed toward the pursuit and maintenance of educational excellence.  It is the administration and staff who must provide the expertise for educational productivity.
  •  The Estherville Lincoln Central Community Board of Directors resolves to develop those policies that will govern the operations of the district, result in appropriate educational goals and meet the expectations of the community for the highest quality of learning possible for our students.


School Board Minutes

  •  School Board Meetings are held in the High School Media Center.  Regular School Board Meetings are the third Monday of each month.

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School Board Policies

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