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 2013-14 ELC Elementary Students

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 Middle School Student and Staff Sing-A-Long

 Demoney Elementary Student and Staff Sing-A-Long

 ELC Middle School Students Donate to the UDMO Food Pantry

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ELC students talk to KILR Radio about Choose2Matter

ELC' Junior Caitlyn Clayton will be throwing at the Drake Relays on Thursday, April 24.  Good Luck, Caitlyn!

The outside phone lines are currently not working at ELC due to a Century Link phone issue.  They are working on the problem.

May 16th will be the last day of school for Seniors. 

Graduation commencement will be held on May 18th. 

The last day of school for the rest of the student body will be May 28, 2014.

Our Mission

The mission of Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District is to ensure that all students maximize their learning potential in becoming confident, independent, productive citizens with good character.

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