Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District

The mission of Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District is to ensure that all students maximize their learning potential in becoming confident, independent, productive citizens with good character.

February's Student Character Trait


A person who lives with integrity and is honest, reliable, and loyal.


Student News

This week's Students of Character are 7th Grader Stephanie Peta and 9th Grader Savannah Dare. Stephanie is the daughter of Mark and Tracy Peta and Savannah is the daughter of Sue and Curtis Dare. Stephanie and Savannah are being recognized for their display of TRUSTWORTHINESS.

Read more about Stephanie and Savannah on KILR: Stephanie and Savannah.

Stephanie Peta

We are Proud of you, Stephanie and Savannah!

Upcoming District Events

There will be NO SCHOOL on April 14th

Fourth Quarter Mid-Term is April 25th

Graduation is May 21st

The last day of school for students is June 2nd.

Open Enrollment

The open enrollment form for the 2017-2018 school year is available here.  The deadline for filing an open enrollment application for the 2017-2018 school year is March 1, 2017 for grades 1-12 and September 1, 2017 for kindergarten students. Open Enrollment applications must be submitted to the resident AND to the receiving districts. Students that open enroll in Grades 9-12, shall not be eligible to participate in varsity contests and competitions during the first ninety (90) school days of transfer.


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Meningococcal Vaccine for 7th and 12th Graders required for the 2017-18 School Year


To activate SchoolMessenger Text messages - Text "SUBSCRIBE" to 68453. **This option is only available for parents/guardians of ELC students.**


School Lunch


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